ИзображениеNot all that glisters is gold…
There was formed the opinion about the glossy magazines that they make a zombie out of the brains by imposing on the readers the ready-made formulas for any question: in this season we wear these things, it is necessary to spend holidays only in that place, the best restaurant is here, one should lose weight according to such-and-such methods, today we read this “best-seller” and before this moment the reader hasn’t even had an idea about the sauna (that is spa) and was mercilessly harming himself by beating with birch twigs entirely wrong place. PLATINUM never permits itself such impudence but gives its reader a possibility to sort out himself the cacophony of the advertising noise.

Изображение12 objects of PLATINUM
The first and the most expensive pages of the magazine are devoted to the objects that it’s hardly possible to buy and therefore to suspect of the hidden advertising. These are selected from all over the world samples of the high art, singular works created by the genius masters or by nature that are the examples of an irreproachable taste and the original style and before which the fashion capitulates, the narrow demand and even the Time itself have no power to identify their place neither in the past nor in the future. They are the tops which one should look at and admire and the ambitious persons must subjugate.

All familiar faces
The interview with famous person, with favourite actor, with popular couturier, with jeweler or watch master which names are known to everybody and are on the signboards of the boutiques, the opinions of the engineers of human souls: writers and directors, are always interesting to read comparing your own perception of the world with the point of view of these people that have won the majority of the public. The interviews don’t contain the facts that the yellow press is interested in and it gives them a status of “the school of life”, makes understand the origins of skill and the secrets of success. This is a good way to gain an experience and a possibility not to repeat somebody’s mistakes.