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Журнал Platinum

"Platinum" is, above all, a glossy magazine, showing a "glazed" serene life, which we often dream of and try to plunge into at least during our short vacation. The magazine pages will show you the world’s best hotels; familiarize you with the history of their foundation and with the outstanding guests who used to live there. A regular reader of the "Platinum" magazine will be well versed in the latest fashion trends, innovative products of perfumery and cosmetics, custom made as traveling companions. The information about up-to-date airplanes, ships, cars and yachts, published in the magazine, will help the reader to make a correct choice of his own mode of transport, whereas the announcements of various airlines about their newly opened air routes will reduce traveling time to longed-for remote corners of the world. Extraordinary persons and famous public personalities give interviews, in which they share their experiences of traveling to places, which have taken their fancy, and which one has to know.

"Platinum" appeared as a project, when "Fashion Club" media holding, in cooperation with a number of foreign partners in the sphere of production and promotion of luxury goods in CIS market, felt a need of its potential clients for information about people, who with the help of their talent, create those exclusive, luxury things and who, in actual fact, further the world culture. While mastering this information space, new magazine columns have come into being, and, from the point of view of its authors, now it fully satisfies the needs of lovers of comfortable traveling. The most interesting articles are published both in Russian and English. The European level of printing, and its contractual free circulation, make "Platinum" an attractive and popular publication, aimed at broad readership. School children, dreaming of discovering faraway countries, will understand how they should treat their studies to make their dreams come true. Students can choose a foreign higher institution to upgrade their education. People, who have already achieved success in their lives and who regularly make business trips, will find in our magazine a confirmation of their correct choice of the hotel, restaurant and also country for rest or medical treatment.


Having become a "Platinum" reader, you will be pleasantly surprised to find its new issues aboard airplanes of such airlines as British Aero, Turkish Airways, Pulkovo, Donbass Aero, as well as aboard business jets of Challenge Aero, ISD Avia, UES Avia, Kabi, Center of Business Aviation, Aerostar, Aerosvit and some others. You will find "Platinum" in numerous European five-star hotels, in prestigious beauty salons, in such restaurant chains as "Mirovaya Karta" and "Kozyrnaya Karta", as well as in stylish boutiques and brand car showrooms.